Before being Bradley Javier and making himself known for his authentic swimsuit pieces in Puerto Rico, he was barely a 13-year-old boy selling custom chargers through his Bradley NY Creations brand from his childhood home in Delaware, near New York City.

      Just one year from the start of his drop of custom chargers in 2013, his success was so great that he had hundreds of orders being placed on a daily basis. Because he was working alone on this journey, he had to make the difficult decision to let go of the beginning of his career to pursue his great dream. Bradley's passion has always been fashion, and for this reason he decided to take his earnings from Bradley NY Creations to begin a new stage within the field of fashion. As a tribute to his youth version he decided to rebrand the business and rename it "Techie Geekiness," which for him meant "handmade technology," where he starting selling a more wide variety of handmade cell phone accessories alongside graphic tees, sweatshirts and more.

Through Techie Geekiness he discovered more about the industry, and at the same time discovered a passion he didn't know: Swimsuits. Some time later, he decided to take the next step in his career working fast-fashion and launched his first Swimsuit + Men's collection in April 2015.

 In Bradley's life, changes have been the steps to success. In 2016, his career took a turn by finally changing the name of his brand to Bradley Javier. Wanting to complement his passion with studies, he moved to Burbank, California in 2017 to study Fashion Design with a concentration in Fashion Marketing at Woodbury University, ranked one of the top fashion programs in the United States. His desire to expand his knowledge as a designer increased; This pushed him to take the next step and move to the Dominican Republic in early 2019 where he learned to design and manufacture products from scratch.

The boy who a few years ago made chargers in the basement his home would never have thought that in June 2019 would be the launch of his first official collection: "Season One". This is just the beginning of many other authentic creations that will be made by Bradley Javier.