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Face Masks

I want to thank each and everyone that made the sell-out on our ultra-special recycled face masks. None of this would've been possible without you!

Due to COVID-19, our manufacturers have been facing a delay in sourcing the materials we use to make our face masks. All of our ultra-special face masks are made from recycled fabric and are made upon each order being placed. Knowing that all of our customers need emergent items like face masks in the fastest way possible, we are and will be working our hardest to have all unfulfilled orders shipped as soon as possible. 

All current unfulfilled orders will be shipped on our Season 2: Airlines collection launch which is estimated to release in October. 

We truly apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you guys, we will be working continuously in ways to prevent events like these happening again. For customers that would like a refund, please email us at and we will gladly cancel and completely refund your order.

 -Bradley Javier xx

 Updated: August 16, 2020


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